Bus connections with Belarus – Tickets to Belarus

Dworzec Online offers its customers a wide selection of international courses. Its worth to note the eastern direction, which is full of many interesting proposals visit. Today we take Belarus under a magnifying glass. Therefore, let's look at an interesting offer we have provided with carriers cooperating with us.

Połączenia międzynarodowe autobusowe z Białorusią

Bus tickets to Belarus - Transport bus on Warsaw Belarus Route

Buses from the Poland leave Warsaw from the Warszawa Zachodnia Bus Station to cities in Belarus: Brest, Grodno, Lida, Minsk, and Kuznica.

In its offer Dworzec Online has such relations as:
Warsaw - Grodno, Warsaw - Brest, Warsaw - Lida, Warsaw - Minsk

Połączenia autobusowe z Białorusią






Warsaw >>> Brest od 50 zł zobacz kursy
Warsaw >>> Grodno od 70 zł zobacz kursy
Warsaw >>> Lida od 90 zł zobacz kursy
Warsaw >>> Mińsk od 120 zł zobacz kursy
Warsaw >>> Kuźnica (przejście graniczne) od 90 zł zobacz kursy

Why visit Belarus?

Few people know that the state is not only rich in natural beauty, possible to observe even in many national parks, but also a lot of interesting sights located in the charming towns, and above all - locals very sympathetic to us.

Probably just simple ignorance of the fact that behind the Bug lies a very interesting tourist country, decides, that it is the least frequently state visited by the Polish people. It is a change. Belarus certainly deserves a closer understanding. Dworzec Online offers a number of calls to our eastern neighbor.

How to find tickets for connections from Warsaw to Belarus?

Just use our search engine or click on the appropriate bus connection