How to purchase?

The process of purchasing bus tickets at the Train Dworzec Online is intuitive and fast. It consists of a few simple steps. For our clients we provide an advanced search engine links, a wide range of courses and types of promotions, ability to purchase without registering and also simple returns of tickets. Everything is intuitive and fast.

Ways to purchase tickets:

At Dworzec Online purchases can be made in two ways:
1. Purchase bus tickets without registration/setting up a user account
2. Purchase bus tickets with the registration of a user account.

What benefits does an account have?

Registration of user account on Dworzec Online gives you the ability to track your orders, simple returns of tickets, special offers, promotions, and soon an access to the loyalty program. The more you travel, the less you pay.

PayU Payments:

Payments are held by an encrypted, secured system of automatic PayU transfers. Customers have a choice of transfers to the most popular banks and card payments.

Trading system of Dworzec Online for reasons related to the nature of the transport services waits 30 minutes for feedback about positive payment from the start of the payment procedure (transition to the PayU payment page). If for various reasons, the payment does not occur within the specific time, transaction is rejected and the tickets will not be generated.
In such situations, please contact:


Change of title transfer will generate an incorrect transaction and the problems with the purchase of a ticket