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You have questions or concerns? We invite you to read the frequently asked questions. At this point, we will present the most sought after by our users’ information on how to use Dworzec Online.

If the ticket purchase was preceded by registering a new account, or log in to your account - please log on without giving had email and password. Enter the order number, the return ticket is affected Download button next to the ticket click the"return of the fee". Confirm the execution of return.

If the ticket was bought without registration or login to your account, go to the sub-return ticket return ticket without an account and then enter the e-mail address specified in the order, the number of the return ticket and the course number. Confirm and follow the instructions

A detailed description of the returns available  here

Ticket refunds can be made at the latest 10 minutes before the scheduled departure of the bus from the stop beginning.
Ticket refunds are burdened fee of 10% of the gross value of the tickets.

Returns promotional fares are loaded fee of 10% of the promotion (physically paid) ticket.
Rebooking tickets is possible in case of:
a. registration Dworzec Online system (an account)
b. purchase tickets through the registered user account
c. purchase tickets for bus courses PKS POLONUS

rebook operations made on the account.

 In other cases, to change the time or date of departure must first return ticket and then purchase the appropriate ticket.
Rebooking of tickets is possible in case of purchasing tickets through a registered user account on the bus POLONUS courses - operations rebook made on the account.

How to do it?
1. Log in to your account, from which the ticket has been purchased
2. Find the order of ticket you want to rebook
3.Click "change date" to rebook  single ticket or change the "date of departure of the entire order" to change the departure date for all tickets.
Dworzec Online - Standardy podróży przewoźnika
4.Continue to follow the instructions.
5. Rebooking tickets will be shown in the new order.

Detailed instructions rebook ticket available here>>>
The electronic ticket is considered a VAT invoice in accordance with Regulation of the Minister of Finance dated 28 March 2011. If you wish to receive a VAT invoice must be registered to write an email to pomoc@dworzeconline.pl and given to issue an invoice.
Yes, most carriers honors relief laws and has its own trade relief. The scope of relief is dependent on the carrier.

  see guide the use of statutory discounts >>>
No. In view of the convenience of all users on the Dworzec Online, you can make purchases without registration. However, due to the ease of future purchases and additional bonuses we encourage you to have an account.
By having your own user account, you can easily manage orders and bought by tickets. Moreover, with your phone number, and you are consenting to the transfer of commercial information by electronic means gaining the opportunity to receive newsletters and discount codes. Frequent promotions and special offers for registered customers!
Courses connected to the connection consisting of two courses with the need to interchange. By purchasing a ticket for the combined course we get two separate tickets for the trip.
Each carrier can determine your standard travel offered to the passengers. With it you can check which provides facilities for passengers on its course a carrier such as: Wi-Fi, air conditioning, toilets or other amenities.

To check the standards of travel just use the search engine calls and check with each course icon, which is shown when you hover will show a hint of what the icon means:
Dworzec Online - Standardy podróży przewoźnika na kursie
You can also enter the course details by clicking the "more information about the course."".
Dworzec Online - Standardy podróży przewoźnika
At Dworzec Online, you can make a reservation through our helpline number 708 208 888.

Reservation must be picked up no later than 24 hours before departure (in the case of courses PKS POLONUS should pick up a booking for 48 hours before departure). Receive the reserved ticket is possible over the counter at the Warszawa Zachodnia Bus Station
Wszystkie informacje na temat Dworca Autobusowego dostępne są na stronie interenetowej www.dawz.pl. Znajdują się tam wszystkie informacje na temat działalności dworca autobusowego. Zapraszamy do zapoznania się z informacjami.
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Home Dworzec Online to function properly it needs access to cookies for this purpose, enter: Settings -> Safari -> Block cookies and set in the "Always Allow". Then select "erase history and site data" and agree to remove the browser history

This will cause the page Dworzec Online will have access to the cookies and search courses should work properly. If it still does not work you have to go in Settings -> Safari -> Advanced and check whether the option JavaScript is enabled.
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