Buying process

1. Searching the ticket:

Use the connections search engine and specify:
a.Beginning of travel and destination. Connections can be search for a specific stop or from a particular village (then the search engine will display the odds of all the stops for this town.) To select a search of a place or a particular stop, use the blue button located next to the fields How and Where.

wyszukiwarka połączeń - wybór kursu

b. Choose a place from a list of tips form where you want to search courses and a destination.

wyszukiwarka połączeń - wybór miejsca wyjazdowego i powrotnego
c. Number of tickets.
d. Specify whether you just want to buy a departure ticket and return one as well (optional) - represented by the buttons under "directions". Select the gray buttons "there and back" and a window will appear with a choice of return date.

możliwość zakupu biletu powrotnego
e. Select the date of departure and date of return (if the option to search in both directions has been chosen).
f. Specify an hourly rate of searched courses.

2. Search Results

From available courses, select the most convenient course (you can also check the promotions available for each course) and click continue.

Wybór połączenia oraz kursu autobusowego

At any course, you can check journey times, distance and level of seats availability.
By clicking on the "more information for course" it’ll displays a list of stops the list of prices and travel standards of the carrier standardy podróży przewoźnika. Check them out to learn about travel conditions and other available amenities..

standardy podróży przewoźnika

3. Selection of types of tickets, promotions and selection of seats
(If available)

Selection of types of tickets, promotions and selection of seats (If available).

Wybór rodzaju biletu - wybór ulgi handlowej lub ustawowej

Then, if on the selected course, there is an option: from the available model point to a seat, for passengers on the bus:

Wybór miejsca siedzącego w autobusie

NOTE: At the moment the choice of places is available on courses of PKS POLONUS from primary stations

4. Delivery of Tickets

If you buy a ticket without creating an account, enter your e-mail address to which the payment will be sent with a link at which you can get tickets in PDF format

forma dostarczenia biletów

4a. Ticket in the form of SMS

Depending on the carrier you choose to provide additional ticket in the form of SMS. To get a ticket in the form of a text message, enter the mobile phone number in the format +48XXXXXXXXX.

bilety autobusowe w formie SMS

5. Data to process the payment in PayU System

Enter your name and the name of the payment process and click continue.

proces płatności

6. Payment

The system will redirect to the PayU payment system. Select a payment card or select the bank through which you want to make a payment and go to the bank transaction web page. Follow the instructions for payment

proces płatności PayU


Change of title transfer will generate an incorrect transaction and the problems with the purchase of a ticket

6a. Payment on the bank web page and return to the Dworzec Online page

After payment, the system will return to the PayU summary page and after 20 seconds to the Dworzec Online page (or when you click "Back to shop")

proces płatności PayU

7. Delivered ticket

Paid ticket will be sent to the email address specified in the order or additionally to a phone number via SMS. After returning from the PayU system the transaction information will be displayed.

proces płatności PayU