Methods of tickets delivery

Since June 26th, Dworzec Online changed the way we deliver tickets via e-mail. From now on, PDF ticket will not be included as an attachment to the message, but will be ready for download via a specially generated link provided in the e-mail.

The change is dictated by customer feedback, for which happened, that message with a PDF attachment was treated by a restrictive email filters as SPAM.

We encourage you to have an account at Dworzec Online. Having an account allows you to fully control your tickets - easier returns, possibility to rebook, orders statement, all the tickets in one place.

Sposoby dostarczania biletów

The change will solve the problems that touch the part of customers whose e-mail accounts treated messages from Dworzec Online with a PDF ticket as SPAM.

Methods of tickets delivery by e-mail at Dworzec Online:

How to download a ticket by e-mail depends on the method of purchase:

  • Buying anonymously (without logging in to the user account))
  • Purchase by registered user account

Buying anonymously (instructions on how to download the ticket):

1. To download a ticket just go to the message supplied by Dworzec Online and click on the provided link

kliknij w link znajdujący się w mailu

2. Dworzec Online page opens. In the field of e-mail, you must enter a valid e-mail address to which the purchase was made (required for safety reasons verification) and click download

weryfikacja adresu e-mail w celu pobrania biletu z DworcaOnline

3. After successful completion of these steps you will be shown a list of tickets for download. Click on each ticket to start downloading the ticket. 

pobieranie biletów PDF poprzez Dworzec Online

4.Depending on your browser, when you click on each ticket, you will begin to download the ticket. Once downloaded, the ticket will be located in a user-selected folder.

w pliku zip znajdują się wszystkie bilety

Purchase by registered user account (instructions on how to download the ticket)

1. To download a ticket just go to the station supplied with the online message and click on the provided link.

kliknij w link znajdujący się w mailu od Dworca Online

2. The link will redirect to the user's account (may be needed prior to log on to your account) for a particular order, in which is the complete functionality of making operations on the ticket (refunds, rebooking, getting tickets)

Link skieruje do konta użytkownika