Selection of sets during purchase

Dworzec Online launches a new feature! Choosing a location on the bus during the ticket purchase.

Dworzec Online launched in its system the opportunity to choose the place at the time of ticket purchase. Complete novelty of traveling by bus! New possibilities of the Dworzec Online..

Now you can choose a seat in the bus during the trip planning. Decide on where you want to travel in the bus.

How to buy a ticket with a choice of places?

At the moment, the choice of places is only possible in connections of the PKS POLONUS carrier bus from the primary station. If the stop is on the route, the choice of places will not be possible.

  1. Search interesting courses in the buying process in PKS POLONUS.
  2. If your departure station is the initial station - in second step in the "Details" "manual selection of the bus" label will be shown".

    wybór miejsc w autobusie

  3. When you click on the name of the course model of the seat selection will appear. Click on the desired location, where you want to travel (if you buy several tickets, select a few numbers of places)

    wybór miejsc w autobusie - makieta autobusu

Next, follow the purchasing steps. After finalizing the transaction, you will receive a number of the selected place on PDF and SMS ticket (if any)..