Round trip purchase

1. Round trip purchase:

At Dworzec Online, you can conveniently buy departure and return tickets in one order. To do this simply click on the gray button "there and back" under "Directions" during search

Wyszukiwarka biletów Dworzec Online

b. . You will get extra window to choose the return date.

Wyszukiwarka połączeń  autobusowych wybór daty powrotu

2. The choice of courses: departure and return

With courses available, select the most suitable course of traveling and click the tab to show the return courses:

Lista kursów autobusowych - wybór połączenia wyjazdowego i powrotnego

Choose available return course from the list. On the right side you will see the whole order containing the selected course and return travel.

lista kursów wybór połączenia powrotnego

3. Selection of tickets and the promotion types

Choose on each course (departure and return) type of tickets available with relief centers, statutory or promotion (if available).

Wybór ulg handlowych oraz promocji do każdego biletu autobusowego

4. Delivery of tickets

If you buy a ticket without creating an account, enter your e-mail address to which the payment message will be sent, which will be the link under which you can get tickets, or in addition, enter the phone number on which the tickets come in the form of SMS. Follow the steps accordingly to the instructions.

Forma dostarczenia biletów autobusowych